Why it´s good to do things in cooperation

Do you know what is the most beautiful on house planing for others? Well, the co-creation and cooperation. Here comes another beautiful project of a wooden family house that has matured, the project documentation is done and is in the process of applying for the building building permit. This time, however, we were not directly arquitects, but we have been invited to transform a beautiful, sensitive and tailor-made design into matter. We are just introducing you another beautiful being that has the gift of creating not only your house but also the whole plot from the perspective of feng-shui, Věrka Noskova. If you are interested in creating space with Věrka Nosková, check her website www.veranoskova.cz

PS: We still have another beautiful project in our comon cooperative workshop where Věrka Nosková is the creator of the idea of ​​space and we will introduce it to you soon.