Pavel Pitřík

I am the founder and designer of  Created for Life. My desire for balanced living in harmony with nature and healthy human spirit has led me to create this project. My job is to transform visions, ideas and the whole project into realization and create beauty for life. I also provide technical implementation of each project in person. My original job since 2007 has been co-owner, executive, production and budget manager and electrician in one person. In 2016, I founded this company and stopped doing the job I did and started doing a job that I enjoy and fulfill my dreams.

Marcela Berith

I am the co-founder of Created for Life. I focus on spreading awareness of our team's activities and products, sales & marketing and intuitive home design advice. My desire for a fulfilled life, to which the way of living is undoubtedly related, has been part of many projects. I am also art and dance therapist. Living in truth of hearth is the way of my life, which I mediate to people at my seminars and workshops

Together with my daughter, the home-schooler Veronika, we love and breed Czechoslovak Shepherds and a lot of other pets.